Advantages of Preplanning and Prefunding your Funeral.

Guaranteed Price
All of Riverview Funeral Home service charges, livery, and merchandise items are price guaranteed as per the terms of your advance-planned contract with us.
Substantial Savings
You may decide now what type of arrangements you want and how much you want to spend. This is a time when decisions can be made calmly and intelligently. Avoid the possibility of overspending at a difficult time.
New York State law requires that 100% of your money be deposited in a special trust fund. All accounts are fully insured to the extent permitted by law by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Any monies received will be held in escrow by a third party trust company. Our firm uses Cooperative Funeral Fund, Inc. For more information visit:
No Health or Age Restrictions
Our advance funeral planning program is not insurance funded. You can participate regardless of your age or health status. If needed, your account will comply with all Medicaid regulations.
You can modify your pre-arranged funeral at any time without penalty. In the event that you move out of our neighborhood, your prearranged funeral plans are transferable to any other funeral home. By New York State law, you may change the choice of a funeral home at any time.

Peace of Mind
Responsible estate planning requires many considerations. Life insurance proceeds provide supplemental survivor income and may be necessary for unpaid medical or legal expenses. You will distribute your estate according to your instructions. A pre-need funeral contract offers your family inflation protection. By prearranging your funeral with our funeral home, you will be secure in knowing that you have spared your loved one added stress, worry, anxiety, and expense at a most difficult time. Consider it as a final gift to those you love.

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