About Cremation Urns & Keepsakes

A cremation urn is the final resting place for your loved one’s cremated remains.

After cremation, the ashes will be returned to the family in a selected urn.

Cremation urns can be:

buried in a cemetery,
placed in a cemetery niche,
or kept close to you at home.

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Cremation urns are made from a variety of materials, these material include:



(*shown  left)

Stainless Steel



Marble &











(*shown left)

A memento chest urn can be used to store meaningful items such as the deceased’s jewelry, notes, photos and other precious keepsakes.

Many urns can personalized. This can be done with engraving your loved one’s name and adding an emblem or picture that reflects what was important to them.

Precious Keepsakes

~ A unique way to keep your loved one close ~

Smaller keepsake urns are available in many styles. Some keepsakes are identical to the full size urn.

These vessels allow each family member to keep a small token of remembrance.

Another option is cremation jewelry, which holds and even smaller portion of your loved one closer to you. These selections include a pendant or charm to be worn as a necklace and bracelets are also available.

These pieces are available in a verity of materials such as custom blown-glass, where a small portion of the ashes are mixed within a colored glass design. Larger blown-glass keepsakes are also available as well as sterling silver, stainless steel, 14k gold keepsakes.

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