Cremation is a process in which intense heat is used to transform the body back to its basic elements. The body, enclosed in a container approved for cremation, is placed in a cremation chamber. The soft tissue is vaporized. What remains is not ashes, but bone fragments weighing from three to nine pounds on average. This is what is contained in the cremation urn.

Traditional Service with Viewing and Cremation

More and more people are choosing cremation as their preferred type of disposition. They are also choosing to have a traditional viewing followed by a service. This service is the same as the Traditional Service with Viewing and Burial, except that after the service the deceased is cremated. Then at a later date the cremated remains, if desired, is buried or entombed. The viewing and/or service can either be public or private of a family's choosing.

Cremation, with or without a Service

In Direct Cremation, following death, the person is removed from the place of death and held until all legal requirements are meet by the funeral home, then cremated.  There is no viewing. A memorial service can be held for family and friends at a later date, and can be held either at our facility, your place of worship, or an alternative site.