Service Types 

The Traditional Funeral followed by Burial

This has been the most popular type of funeral service in our American culture for over 100 years. Probably because studies and experience have shown that the traditional funeral service often allows for both healing and closure during the grieving process.   While a funeral can be a time of sadness, it can also be an opportunity to honor a life well-lived. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones share cherished memories and comfort each other during your time of loss. Our caring professionals will assist you with creating a highly personalized funeral service, which reflects and celebrates the life of your loved one. The deceased is prepared for viewing by embalming. Once the body has been embalmed and placed in a casket, family and friends can view the deceased with dignity. A viewing is usually held directly before the funeral service. After the funeral service, the casketed body is then interred (buried) in the cemetery.  

The Traditional Funeral followed by Cremation

Like a traditional service, the body is embalmed and placed in a ceremonial rental casket. A viewing is held before the funeral service. After the funeral service, instead of being interred (buried) the body is then cremated. Most often, the family will select an appropriate urn for the cremated remains (ashes). The family of the deceased is then able to decided whether to keep their loved one’s cremated remains at home, bury them in a cemetery or scatter them in a natural setting (where permitted). This type of service is often more economical when compared to the traditional funeral but offers the same closure and benefits.

Memorial Cremation Service

Exactly as described above but with the option of having a memorial service, which brings closure and helps improve the grieving and healing process. Most often, these services include a period of visitation or calling hours similar to a viewing before the ceremony. The venue can be the funeral home, your church or another location. Memorial services can then take place either with the cremated remains present (in an urn) or not present at all. If desired, the cremated remains can be taken to their place of burial directly after the service or kept at home.    

Graveside Service

This is a limited service. There is no viewing of the deceased and therefore embalming and preparation is not necessary, but optional. Most often, families choose topical disinfection or bathing of the remains in lieu of embalming. The remains are still dressed but cosmetics are not necessary. Once the funeral director files all the necessary documentation and obtains the burial permit the remains are taken to the gravesite and a service is held at the gravesite with family. You may wish to have clergy present to offer prayers of comfort for the repose of the soul. Arranging military honors for a veteran at this time is a very touching tribute. The graveside can be prepared with a tent and chairs and you may wish to order flowers for the casket. Like most traditional funeral services, you may find having memorial prayer cards (to pass out) as a keepsake a thoughtful gesture for your mourners.

Alternative Services:

Direct Burial or Cremation (with No Services)

A licensed funeral director is required even for the minimal care and preparation for the deceased regardless if there is no funeral or visitation. The deceased is either buried or cremated without a formal ceremony or viewing once all the necessary forms and authorizations are completed. 

Shipment of the Deceased to Another Location

If someone dies in this area while visiting family, friends or on vacation, we are able to ship the remains back to their hometown or home state. Because this process may take a few days to complete for most situations, embalming may be considered depending on the final arrangements. If the body is going to be shipped via airplane or common carrier, the body must be embalmed. If direct cremation is desired, it is also possible to have the body cremated here and have the cremated remains shipped.

Receiving of the Deceased from another Location

If someone dies while on vacation in another area, or while living in their winter home, or simply wants to be buried in the Troy, NY area (Including Albany, NY Schenectady, NY, Amsterdam, NY and other parts of the Capital Region) the deceased body or cremated remains can be shipped either via airplane or hearse to our Troy, NY funeral home. If you have residence or temporary residence in another area or state, once we receive word of your death, we would contact a local funeral home to remove the body and embalm it if need be. Any body being shipped via airplane must be embalmed, while bodies being transported locally, from a local funeral home to our funeral home, don’t necessarily need to be embalmed before they are shipped to our funeral home.   It is important that you contact Riverview Funeral Home first and only allow us to handle the logistics of dealing with any other mortuary or funeral home. We have a network of providers in many states for trade services that provide us considerations. If you contact another funeral home then you will be paying for duplicate services and at a much higher cost.

One call to Riverview will take care of everything.