Funerals & Memorials

The Benefit of Both

The purpose of a funeral or memorial is not only to recognize and honor the life lived, but to allow relatives and friends who are grieving a chance to say their final goodbye to the person that has died. It also provides an opportunity for the survivors to gather and console one another with stories and memories of the person everyone loved. 

Either a Funeral or a Memorial will satisfy these needs. So what is the difference? 

  • A Funeral by definition, is a ceremony in which the deceased is present (casket).
  • A Memorial by definition, is a ceremony in which the deceased's body is not present (they could have been buried first or cremated first).

Again, the benefit of both of these ceremonies is to celebrate and honor the life lived and allow the bereaved to gather and console one another. 

Most often, either of these service types will have visitation prior to the ceremony.

  • visitation allows family and friends to gather, pay their respects, tell stories, share memories, photographs and other items​​
  • Visitations and/or Viewings can be held the day prior to the service or on the same day prior to the service.