Our History

In service now for 60 years, Roy Bordeau and Nicholas Facci are upholding the reputation that established Riverview Funeral Home in 1963. The founding of our family-owned funeral home is based on compassionate, professional and exceptional service. We will continue to serve our community with the values instilled by our founder, Mrs. Prendergast.

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A Rich & Storied History since 1963

Family Owned & Operated for 60 years!

Riverview Funeral Home benefits from a long and rich family tradition dating back to 1897, when Noah Loujer Fonda, a well-known undertaker, established the N.L. Fonda Funeral Home at 837 River Street in Troy. Mr. Fonda resided in Troy nearly all his life and had been in the undertaking business for 29 years until his death at age 59. Upon his death, his son Cornelius Sanford “Neal” Fonda, assumed operation of the family firm and it became known as N.L. Fonda & Son Funeral Home. At this time Neal's daughter Joan as well as Joan’s husband Robert Bebernitz joined the family firm along with our founder the late Nonie (Horan) Prendergast.

Mrs. Prendergast was one of the first women funeral directors in the state during the 1960s.

After some experience and with a need to advance her own career, Mrs. Prendergast decided to start her own branch independent of the Fonda name. In 1963, she purchased a beautiful traditional colonial home along the banks of the Hudson River in North Troy and established the Riverview Funeral Home at its present location (218 2nd Avenue).

During an era when “women had no part of the funeral business” Mrs. Prendergast never wavered. She was a well-respected member of the community and known as a dear friend to all, so it was natural that Riverview became successful very quickly.

Within a year of its establishment, Riverview Funeral Home was entrusted to care for and coordinate the mass funeral of the Sousie Family, whose 9 children (ages: 4-18) perished in a devastating house fire on February 29, 1964.

The wake was held on Tuesday, March 3, 1964 at Riverview in our current fireside parlor (the funeral home's original parlor).

All 9 caskets (7 smaller white ones and 2 large grey ones) remained closed as the mourners filed passed to pay their respects. 

The massive operation for the funeral was lead by Mrs. Prendergast the following morning on Wednesday, March 4, 1964. Departing from the Riverview Funeral Home to St. Patrick's Church on 6th Avenue for a Solemn Requiem Mass. 7 hearses and 2 flower cars carried the caskets of the children. 

For historical reference: clippings of local newspaper articles and preserved photographs are featured below.

Nonie, along with the help of her husband Thomas Prendergast and Nonie’s nephew, Michael J. Horan, operated Riverview. The business flourished and was respected as one Troy's well-known names in funeral service. The facilities were expanded to meet the growing demands of the operation.

In 1971, Nonie passed away suddenly. Upon her death her nephew, Michael J. Horan, continued operating the family business. He became the sole owner and licensed manager and has served Troy families ever since. Mr. Prendergast passed away in 1973.

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2011 brought many changes to the longtime family firm. Mike Horan asked Roy F. Bordeau to assist him with the operation of the firm. Mike knew that Roy’s 40 years experience in funeral service in the Capital Region would be a great asset to the firm.

It was also at that time that Nicholas J. Facci joined the firm as an inspiring funeral director during his studies in the mortuary science program at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy. He served his residency with Riverview and became licensed with the firm.

In 2012 Thomas C. Fiffe, a Troy-Cohoes area native and Cohoes fireman joined the firm as a licensed funeral director.

The addition of staff allowed Michael the benefit to transition into retirement from the daily activities, however he remained on as a consultant. After a long illness, Michael Horan passed away peacefully on March 1, 2016 surrounded by his loved ones. He was 66 years old. 

Today Riverview Funeral Home is owned and operated by long time Capital Region Funeral Director, Roy F. Bordeau.

Nicholas J. Facci serves as Riverview's licensed manager.

In service to our loyal families since 1963, Roy & Nick work continuously to update and renovate Riverview Funeral Home inside and out, providing a quality facility to our client families. "Offering our Home as your Home, When you Need it Most."