Obituary Submission Form (Riverview)


  • Complete the sections to submit your loved one's obituary to us for final draft.
  • We will compose the obituary for you based on the information provided.
  • If you have already typed an obituary, you may submit your own pre-typed obituary at the end of the form using the file upload feature.

This section will annouce your loved one's passing to the public.

At a minimum, their name, date of death and city/town must be included. 

Announcing the Death

You may type in the name of the facility or "at home" or you may choose to not mention the place. (If Pre-Planning and death has not occured write: "Pre-Planning").

Please type in the Date of Death (if known) or If Pre-Planning in advance and the death has not occured simply write: "Pre-Planning"

This section will contain your loved one's early life details. 

Early Life

This section will contain information for your loved one's adult life, such as their career.

Adult Life

This section will mention the surviving relatives and friends of the deceased.


In this section include the names of family that have died prior to the deceased passing.

Predeceased by

This section of the obituary addresses those who were helpful to the deceased and the family during the final months, week, days, etc. This can be to Hospice, a Medical Facility or Employee, Doctor, Nurse or Family and Friends who helped care for the deceased.

Special Thanks To (Acknowledgements)

Visitation, Funeral Service, Memorial Service or Celebration of Life Details:

Service Announcement

If the deceased was passionate about a charity or cause you may wish to list that charity as a place for memorial donations in lieu of receiving floral tributes.

Memorial Contributions (to charity, in lieu of flowers)

In this section, you will upload desired a photo(s) of the deceased.

Photo Upload
  • Please include a photograph of your loved one.
  • Most families choose 1-2 photographs (a recent and a younger one, if applicable)
  • Acceptable File Formats are: JPG, JPEG or PNG

If you have already written an obituary on your own computer you do not need to complete this entire form and all the fields (with the exception of the minimum required fields).

You may upload the file here (MS Word Doc. or PDF are preferred).

Upload a Pre-Typed Obituary

In this section, you will designate the newspaper(s) for the obituary to be published in.

Newspaper Selection
  • Please select the following newspaper(s) you wish for the obituary to appear in. 
  • We have included our local Capital District newspapers, if you desire another newspaper other than what is listed please click "Other" and specify which newspaper(s).
  • We will submit the obituary on your behalf and provide you with a quote of the newspaper's charges. Please note: Pre-Payment with a credit card is required by all newspapers prior to publication.
  • There is no charge for our website and Facebook page.

Please provide your Name, Telephone Number and Email in case we have questions regarding your obituary. A representative will follow up with you regarding this obituary submission.

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